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   Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S2655423093 1 January 1798 Census of the Inhabitants of Lafourche
2 S2655423059 1671 Acadian Census
3 S2655423060 1678 Acadian Census
4 S2655423061 1686 Acadian Census
5 S2655423062 1693 Acadian Census
6 S2655423063 1698 Acadian Census
7 S2655423065 1700 Acadian Census
8 S2655423066 1701 Acadian Census
9 S2655423067 1703 Acadian Census
10 S2655423068 1707 Acadian Census
11 S2655423069 1714 Acadian Census
12 S2655423070 1751 Acadian Census
13 S2655423071 1752 Acadian Census
14 S2655423096 1752 Census of Ile Royale
15 S2655423072 1766 Acadian Census, St. James to Donaldsonville, Louisiana
16 S2655423079 1766-1770 Acadian Militia Census
17 S2655423073 1769 Acadian Census along the Mississippi River
18 S2655423074 1770 Acadian Militia Census
19 S2655423075 1771 Acadian Census in Opelousas and St. Martinville, Louisiana
20 S2655423076 1774 Acadian Census in St. Martinville, Louisiana
21 S2655423077 1777 Acadian Militia Census
22 S2655423092 1788 Bayou Lafourche Census
23 S2655423114 1800 United States Federal Census
24 S2655423078 1809 Acadian Census
25 S2655423094 1810 Louisiana Census
26 S2655423134 1810 United States Federal Census
27 S2655423119 1820 United States Federal Census
28 S2655423095 1830 Louisiana Census
29 S2645931433 1830 United States Federal Census
30 S2645931638 1840 United States Federal Census
31 S2645888927 1850 United States Federal Census
32 S2645886283 1860 United States Federal Census
33 S2645886795 1870 United States Federal Census
34 S2645867662 1880 United States Federal Census
35 S2655423145 1892 New York State Census
36 S2645869972 1900 United States Federal Census
37 S2645870054 1910 United States Federal Census
38 S2645867104 1920 United States Federal Census
39 S2645887989 1930 United States Federal Census
40 S2655423159 1940 United States Federal Census
41 S2655423131 A Pettingell Genealogy: Notes Concerning Those of the Name
John Mason Pettingell 
42 S2655423117 Acadian Families in Exile - 1785
Donald J. Hebert 
43 S2655423058 California Death Index, 1940-1997
44 S2655423124 Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900
45 S2 Connecticut Death Index, 1949-2012
46 S2655423098 Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)
Lorraine Cook White 
47 S2655423157 Connecticut Town Death Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)
48 S2655423129 Des Ledets de la Louisiane
E. J. Ledet 
49 S2655423125 Early Connecticut Marriages
Frederick Bailey 
50 S2655423122 Eastham and Orleans, Mass. Vital Records

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