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  Note: While I do try to verify my information as much as I possibly can, please don't assume that everything on this site is 100% correct. I find info through Ancestry.com, FamilySearch.org, and tons of the personal genealogy sites online. You'll see that some people on my site are listed with lots of sources (especially the Acadians), and some have none. When I find info on other sites, I go ahead and add it as a hint or pointer, and I gradually go through and try to verify the info I've found. If you use info on my site that I haven't listed any sources for, you should not assume it's accurate. And obviously, the further back you go, the more cautious you should be.

  If you spot an error or have additions/suggestions, please let me know, either by email (edeainfj {at} gmail.com) or using the "suggest" link on individual pages. I hope you find this site helpful, and if you're a distant cousin, let me know!

  -Edea (DeeDee) Baldwin

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