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    Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada



    State/Province : Latitude: 44.99588261816546, Longitude: -63.39111328125


    Matches 1 to 14 of 14

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Barrieau, Marie Catherine  1687Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I3837
    2 Bernard, Marie Blanche  1747Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I51
    3 Cloccinet, Joseph  1731Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I4892
    4 Daussy, Marie  1580Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2571752375
    5 Dupuis, Jean-Pierre  1697Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I3647
    6 Forest, Marie Josephe  1693Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I3841
    7 Guidry, Jean Baptiste  1750Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I3770
    8 Hebert, Joseph Pepin  1750Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2573611766
    9 Latour, Marie St. Etienne  1654Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I8126
    10 Motin, Jeanne  1615Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I8128
    11 Pinet, Marie Brigitte  1719Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I3722
    12 Pitre, Marguerite  1739Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2571642021
    13 Poirier, Marie  1754Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I3591
    14 Renaud, Veronique  1747Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2573247232


    Matches 1 to 19 of 19

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Barrieau, Marie Catherine  1718Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I3837
    2 Benoit, Martin  1714Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2573364425
    3 Benoit, Pierre  1751Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2573276717
    4 Broussard, Marie Madeleine  19 Sep 1727Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I3851
    5 Broussard, Timothee  1766Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2628259654
    6 Chiasson, Anne  1720Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2571862814
    7 Coleson, Nicolas  Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2571222796
    8 Dugas, Agnes Marie  13 Nov 1734Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2573657109
    9 Gaudet, Francoise  1758Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I4897
    10 Gaudet, Marie  1714Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I731
    11 Godin, Marie Madeleine  1700Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2572822409
    12 Landry, Antoinette  1686Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2572723790
    13 LeBlanc, Rene  1626Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I1100
    14 Lejeune, Pierre  1661Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2573023651
    15 Petitot, Denis  Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2572808773
    16 Pinel, Phillipe  Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2573440316
    17 Saulnier, Marie  1752Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2572818739
    18 Theriot, Germain  29 Jul 1737Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada I1093
    19 Thibodeau, Marie  2 Sep 1720Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada P2572991315


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Comeau / Lefebvre  1670Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada F142
    2 LaSonde / Petitpas  1712Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada F3853
    3 Petitpas / Bugaret  1658Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada F191