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    New York, USA



    State/Province : Latitude: 40.757929, Longitude: -73.985506


    Matches 1 to 50 of 51

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Belvia  1822New York, USA I85221
    2 Genette  1825New York, USA I85238
    3 Julia A  Nov 1822New York, USA I85225
    4 Bassett, Lura  Feb 1859New York, USA I85235
    5 Foster, William H  Jul 1862New York, USA I85041
    6 Foster, William H  1863New York, USA I4853
    7 Gardner, Eva  20 Aug 1890New York, USA I7652
    8 Havens, Gilbert Lafayette  May 1834New York, USA I85149
    9 Heading, Edward E  26 Feb 1913New York, USA I85237
    10 Hedding, Adaline M  1834New York, USA I85143
    11 Hedding, Angeline  1850New York, USA I85241
    12 Hedding, Catherine  1896New York, USA I85046
    13 Hedding, Edward  1853New York, USA I85229
    14 Hedding, Eleanor M  1832New York, USA I85144
    15 Hedding, Elijah M  Sep 1850New York, USA I85147
    16 Hedding, Estella  1865New York, USA I85040
    17 Hedding, Frank  1899New York, USA I85048
    18 Hedding, Frank C  1869New York, USA I85043
    19 Hedding, Fred  1862New York, USA I85240
    20 Hedding, George  1849New York, USA I85227
    21 Hedding, Hannah  1846New York, USA I85226
    22 Hedding, James S  1856New York, USA I85230
    23 Hedding, Kate  1865New York, USA I85234
    24 Hedding, Loretta H  Apr 1839New York, USA I85145
    25 Hedding, Lydia  1858New York, USA I85231
    26 Hedding, Marcus  1863New York, USA I85233
    27 Hedding, Marcus L  Feb 1838New York, USA I85140
    28 Hedding, Margaret  1852New York, USA I85228
    29 Hedding, Mary  1902New York, USA I85049
    30 Hedding, Polly  10 Jul 1789New York, USA I85188
    31 Hedding, Romeo  Feb 1860New York, USA I85232
    32 Hedding, Sherman J  Aug 1843New York, USA I85146
    33 Hedding, Sherman J  Nov 1846New York, USA I85141
    34 Hedding, Sophie  1895New York, USA I85045
    35 Hedding, Stella  1898New York, USA I85047
    36 Hedding, Wilbur  03 Apr 1876New York, USA I85042
    37 Hedding, William L  1854New York, USA I85239
    38 Lewis, Ellen M  Sep 1835New York, USA I85138
    39 Lewis, Millington  1832New York, USA I85153
    40 Randall, William C  Jul 1834New York, USA I85148
    41 Roberts, Helen Elizabeth  1921New York, USA I85025
    42 Rood, Addie  11 Mar 1860New York, USA I6406
    43 Rood, Charles  1832New York, USA I6403
    44 Rood, George  1867New York, USA I85039
    45 Rood, Julian  1857New York, USA I6405
    46 Rood, Sabrina  1837New York, USA I6402
    47 Shattuck, Elizabeth  1867New York, USA I7953
    48 Shattuck, Grace  Jan 1870New York, USA I7952
    49 Simonds, Carrie  Jan 1856New York, USA I85457
    50 Wakelee, Rufus Henry  31 May 1833New York, USA I7584

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    Matches 1 to 4 of 4

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Julia A  12 Jun 1908New York, USA I85225
    2 Hedding, Elijah M  07 Nov 1852New York, USA I85147
    3 Hedding, Sherman J  21 Jan 1845New York, USA I85146
    4 Hedding, Wilbur  14 Sep 1897New York, USA I85042


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Enlistment    Person ID 
    1 Pfeffer, Henry  18 Dec 1857New York, USA I959