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    Yorkshire, England



    County/Shire : Latitude: 54.091629, Longitude: -1.388007


    Matches 1 to 49 of 49

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Maude  1264Yorkshire, England I4004
    2 Andrews, Anthony  1340Yorkshire, England I4348
    3 Andrews, Anthony  1350Yorkshire, England I6111
    4 Andrews, Ralph  1294Yorkshire, England I4350
    5 Andrews, Ralph  1316Yorkshire, England I4349
    6 Andrews, Ralph  1316Yorkshire, England I6114
    7 Brocket, Lionel  1328Yorkshire, England I3958
    8 Brockett, Edward  1220Yorkshire, England I4003
    9 Brockett, Edward  1285Yorkshire, England I4001
    10 Burton, Jane  1483Yorkshire, England I7136
    11 Clargennet, Juliane  1548Yorkshire, England I7129
    12 Clargennet, Marmaduke  1508Yorkshire, England I7130
    13 Conyers Norton, John  1458Yorkshire, England I6728
    14 Conyers Norton, John  1475Yorkshire, England I6724
    15 Echyngham, Margaret  1380Yorkshire, England I4515
    16 Fitzbaldric, Erneberga  1080Yorkshire, England I1902
    17 Fitzbaldric, Hugh  1055Yorkshire, England I1903
    18 Fitzforn, Sigulf  1025Yorkshire, England I2482
    19 Fletcher, Robert  1592Yorkshire, England I740
    20 Flinton, Margaret  1278Yorkshire, England I6772
    21 Goldthwait, Thomas  1610Yorkshire, England I786
    22 Grammarie, Richard  1145Yorkshire, England I4256
    23 Grant, George  1542Yorkshire, England I7128
    24 Langton, Elizabeth  1420Yorkshire, England I7141
    25 Lascelles, Agnes  1202Yorkshire, England I7158
    26 Melanson, Pierre  1632Yorkshire, England P2631066622
    27 Norton, Clare  1528Yorkshire, England I6422
    28 Norton, John  1427Yorkshire, England I6804
    29 Norton, Richard  1502Yorkshire, England I6423
    30 of Bourne, Thomas  1310Yorkshire, England I6816
    31 of England, Elizabeth  1095Yorkshire, England I1941
    32 of Greystoke, Forne Fitzsigulf  1050Yorkshire, England I2481
    33 Perry, Matilda  1133Yorkshire, England I3223
    34 Pigot, Geoffrey  1373Yorkshire, England I5218
    35 Pigot, Geoffrey  1425Yorkshire, England I5216
    36 Pigot, Jane  1431Yorkshire, England I6805
    37 Pigot, Randolph  1325Yorkshire, England I6925
    38 Pigot, Randolph  1399Yorkshire, England I5217
    39 Plumpton, Margaret  1408Yorkshire, England I6806
    40 Plumpton, Robert  1383Yorkshire, England I6807
    41 Preston, Letitia  1289Yorkshire, England I6743
    42 Sherburne, Robert  1277Yorkshire, England I6756
    43 Thurston, Anne  1355Yorkshire, England I6112
    44 Thwaytes, Thomas  1390Yorkshire, England I3925
    45 Vavasour, Henry  1360Yorkshire, England I7142
    46 Vavasour, Mauger II  1084Yorkshire, England I3225
    47 Wetnall, Joan  1291Yorkshire, England I4351
    48 Wetnall, William  1270Yorkshire, England I4352
    49 Wetnall, William  1270Yorkshire, England I6141


    Matches 1 to 16 of 16

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Andrews, Ralph  1366Yorkshire, England I6114
    2 Darcy, John  30 May 1347Yorkshire, England I5766
    3 Grant, John  22 Jul 1593Yorkshire, England I7131
    4 Langton, Elizabeth  1496Yorkshire, England I7141
    5 Malet, William  1071Yorkshire, England I1293
    6 Manningham, Katherine  20 May 1431Yorkshire, England I6822
    7 Neville, Robert  20 Aug 1282Yorkshire, England I5921
    8 Norton, Adam  1430Yorkshire, England I6823
    9 Norton, Richard  20 Dec 1420Yorkshire, England I6821
    10 Norton, Richard  09 Apr 1588Yorkshire, England I6423
    11 of Aubigny, Nigel  Nov 1129Yorkshire, England I7177
    12 of Caen, Walter  Yorkshire, England I2315
    13 Percy, Alan  Dec 1135Yorkshire, England I5897
    14 Percy, Henry  29 Aug 1272Yorkshire, England I5878
    15 Vavasour, Mauger I  Yorkshire, England I3226
    16 Vavasour, William  10 Jan 1452Yorkshire, England I7140