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    Louisiana, USA



    State/Province : Latitude: 30.937336, Longitude: -91.401009


    Matches 1 to 50 of 78

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Ada  1870Louisiana, USA I8297
    2 Adolphine  1821Louisiana, USA I85243
    3 Clementine  03 Oct 1902Louisiana, USA I8255
    4 Marie  Nov 1852Louisiana, USA I8175
    5 Astier, Josephine  1840Louisiana, USA I8330
    6 Boudreaux, Louise  1830Louisiana, USA I8173
    7 Brooks, Emily  1855Louisiana, USA I5658
    8 Brooks, Eudora  1858Louisiana, USA I5661
    9 Coron, Adela  May 1889Louisiana, USA I8416
    10 Coron, Armina  Dec 1892Louisiana, USA I8418
    11 Coron, Charles  1858Louisiana, USA I8169
    12 Coron, Charles  Feb 1888Louisiana, USA I8415
    13 Coron, Felicien  Jul 1876Louisiana, USA I8414
    14 Coron, Julie  1850Louisiana, USA I8168
    15 Coron, Louisiana  Jun 1890Louisiana, USA I8417
    16 Coron, Marie  1846Louisiana, USA I8166
    17 Coron, Zuline  1851Louisiana, USA I8171
    18 Crosby, Richard Walker  25 Apr 1863Louisiana, USA I4856
    19 Daspit, Felice  Oct 1847Louisiana, USA I8394
    20 Devic, Angele  1894Louisiana, USA I85403
    21 Ehlers, M.V.   I85122
    22 Fernandez, Louisiana  1855Louisiana, USA I85537
    23 Gray, William F  1858Louisiana, USA I8378
    24 Grinage, Joseph R  Sep 1861Louisiana, USA I8331
    25 Hanks, Alicia  28 Feb 1895Louisiana, USA I8463
    26 Hebert, Oleus  Mar 1873Louisiana, USA I8410
    27 Houeye, Arthur Lee  02 Jun 1890Louisiana, USA I8317
    28 Hundley, William Dillard  Louisiana, USA I7995
    29 Hyde, Albert Sidney  29 Dec 1884Louisiana, USA I8313
    30 Hyde, Clairborne Fernando  25 Oct 1881Louisiana, USA I8310
    31 Hyde, Irma Helen Amacker  07 Jul 1926Louisiana, USA I8314
    32 Kelly, Andrew Allen  21 Sep 1908Louisiana, USA I8397
    33 Kelly, Henry  28 Aug 1914Louisiana, USA I8398
    34 Kelly, Ida Agnes  23 Feb 1901Louisiana, USA I8395
    35 Kelly, Sidney Joseph  Aug 1903Louisiana, USA I8396
    36 Lathrop, Clifton Joseph  09 Mar 1871Louisiana, USA I4858
    37 Lathrop, Jessie  02 Nov 1864Louisiana, USA I5654
    38 Lathrop, Rufus Enos  06 Apr 1869Louisiana, USA I4857
    39 Marceaux, Azrael  Apr 1846Louisiana, USA P2571125412
    40 McClung, Elenora  1866Louisiana, USA I8339
    41 McClung, Gertrude  1859Louisiana, USA I8336
    42 McClung, Leonidas  1871Louisiana, USA I8341
    43 McClung, Lewis  1869Louisiana, USA I8340
    44 McClung, Lottie  1873Louisiana, USA I8342
    45 McClung, Mattie  1874Louisiana, USA I8343
    46 McClung, Richard  1862Louisiana, USA I8338
    47 McMichael, Edward  1855Louisiana, USA I8289
    48 McMichael, Fred  Jan 1876Louisiana, USA I8296
    49 McMichael, George  1857Louisiana, USA I8290
    50 McMichael, George Phillip  22 Jan 1829Louisiana, USA I8287

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    Matches 1 to 15 of 15

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Amacker, Helen Irma  07 Jun 1928Louisiana, USA I8306
    2 Bourg, Marie Josephe  Oct 1759Louisiana, USA I4874
    3 Breaux, Marie Josephe  Louisiana, USA I3601
    4 Cunningham, Mary Ann  Louisiana, USA I4940
    5 Garder, Mildred Marguerite  1911Louisiana, USA I84922
    6 Guidry, Jean Baptiste  Louisiana, USA I3770
    7 Henshaw, Rebecca  09 Apr 1831Louisiana, USA I3659
    8 Hyde, Albert Sidney  07 Jun 1928Louisiana, USA I8313
    9 Leblanc, Marie Madeleine  1771Louisiana, USA I3639
    10 Marceaux, Odelon  Dec 1980Louisiana, USA P2571124733
    11 Martin, Thomas  Louisiana, USA I85000
    12 Mouton, Salvador  09 Apr 1773Louisiana, USA P2573630253
    13 Prevost, Nicolas  20 Nov 1806Louisiana, USA P2609339994
    14 Savoie, Jeanne  1772Louisiana, USA P2573628185
    15 Thibodeaux, Paul  1799Louisiana, USA P2571387846


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Deruis / Bourcilie  02 Jan 1737Louisiana, USA F3928