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    Transcript of 1885 Letter from Andrew Mercer Lathrop to Lucy Anna Sanders Lathrop

    Houma 13, 1885

    Dear Anna

    I have I believe got the school under headway. I have not yet got the required number of Scholars; but will have them to day. So far I am getting along very well. I cannot tell when to have you send for me. I do not want to go home till I can get all my little debts paid up, and have some money to take with me. I cannot see how I will have much at the end of this month but I want to send you some. If you and Nelley need a dress apiece get it at Clovis's. I think I shall try to stay till the end of April, because then if nothing happens, I will then have something over. It is so hard for me to get here. Cliff can tell you what a time we had to come up. I am most too old to be roughing it in the manner I have for the last month or two - it is wearing me out - such as sleeping in sugar houses, school houses - passing nights on boats without any bed, and walking all night. Although I am now very well. I have a good place to board and am treated very well. The lady that had her children shot in Little Caillon, has returned from The Attakapas and is living in the same family where I board. The lady of the house Mrs. Hebert is her niece. She has one child with her, the balance have been placed out in different families. I suppose she can find no home but here.

    If Rufus and Cliff get short of clothes and shoes before I finish the month of April, let them get what they need at Clovis's.

    If you can help it do not let Rufus get flour at the store room by the pound. Get meal and grits or a barrel of flour at a time at either place. Keep a careful account. Do not let them run up bills that will take all I can make. Tell the boys when they do come up, they need not come any further than Houma - leave their boat there and walk up - it is only a mile and a half. I want you to send me by the first conveyance or a lugger the following things. I want something for a towel, 1 pair of drawers, an under shirt, my blue socks. Also look up in the loft - get my French grammar, and a book of fables in French - you will know it by one side torn off. I have nothing to do when out of school to pass away time. I can review what I may teach. I would like to have some things out of the trunk. But there is too much risk in sending the key. Have the things sent to the care of Jos Gagne or William Wright. If you send by lugger it will be better to send to the latter, as he lives close to the landing.

    Your affect Husband
    A M L

    Linked toAndrew Mercer Lathrop; Clifton Joseph Lathrop; Nellie Lathrop; Rufus Enos Lathrop; Lucy Anna Sanders

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