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    Transcript of 1853 Letter from Susan Rider Lathrop to Andrew Mercer Lathrop

    This letter was written the day before she gave birth to Ada Lathrop, who died before she was two years old. Susan died about a month after she wrote this letter.


    July 25th 1853

    Dear husband

    I just received yours that I should have received last Saturday, and which would have been received yesterday if I had gotten it. You would laugh to see my patient table, nothing more nor less than any waiter on my lap. Our precious "one" is going round the room like an imprisoned bird and seems quite as happy singing and trying his hand at every species of mischief. I sometimes think tis as much to arrest my attention and make me speak to him as the love of mischief. He is well 'tho and that will be comfort enough for you won't it? I hear you say no "I want to see him." I just wonder how Mrs. Adams thinks I could do without him tell her and Aunt Mercer too Lulu puts his thumb on his nose and says "can't come it" "I am too young, I am not fit, I cannot leave my mammy yet" if it was not for paying board for a nurse for him I'd have one but you know we are not able to do that particularly since Mr. Mead has seen fit without assigning the least reason taken Margaret away from school this is the worst piece of news I have to write you (and indeed I may say we) for Lucien has been looking forward to Last Saturday with apparent interest he would come to me sometimes and put his dear little arms in my lap and look up in my face so earnestly and say, "Papa come Saturday" then turn off to his play as if he felt relieved at the idea and it would have a magic effect on me my heart would almost stand still with joy. I thought two weeks long but 3 weeks is longer and 4 weeks will be of course longer still yet I take your reason for not coming as something providential perhaps as the 4th member of our family has not yet arrived but is giving me due warning of its near approach. I should perhaps have deffered writing so immediately had it not been for the fact I thought I felt more like writing now than perhaps tomorrow would find me able. The rainy season still continues I fear the examination at Mr. Tenny's will be but poorly attended as it is to commence tomorrow and it has rained so much to-day enough I should think to make bad roads for a week to come. Fruit of course is done away with down there? We sometimes get hold of a few good peaches and mellons "depend ont" I do not indulge in such luxuries at my own expense for the best of reasons I hate to appear so close but still I know there's no sin in being poor particularly where honesty in paying debts are concerned. You'll have to put up with a short poorly written letter this time I'll try to do better next time if my life is spared. I've too many things to prevent my doing better this time. Love to aunt

    Yours Devotedly

    Linked toAda Lathrop; Andrew Mercer Lathrop; Lucien Lathrop; Susan F Rider

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