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    Edea Pitre Baldwin's Memories of Her Mother, Olive Sonnier Pitre

    From answers she wrote in a memory book, 1997

    My earliest memories of her: "Always talking; very busy, moving fast; usually smoking and laughing"

    What she looked like when I was young: "blond, blue eyes; usually in a skirt and flats; fidgety"

    What her personality was like: "outgoing, liked to be in a crowd, good with people"

    What made her special to me: "Her house always had neat stuff; she was the one who gave me the books I really wanted."

    Her Favorite...
    Color: "Blue"
    Scent: "Chanel"
    Season: "Winter/Christmas"
    Flower: "Lilies"
    Place: "her home"
    Person: "her husband!"
    Book: "Gone with the Wind"
    Writer: "Stephen King"
    Music: "Musicals, Engelbert Humperdinck, Tom Jones"

    Her closest girlhood friend: "Dolly Sako"

    How she met her husband: "I think they met at school."

    What attracted her to him: "She fell in love!"

    What her wedding day was like: "a lot like mine - quick and without approval!"

    Her finest qualities: "social ability, leadership"

    The most surprising thing she ever did: "jump over a rail and break her leg"

    My most vivid recollection of her kitchen: "always crammed full of magazines, books, and mail"

    Her best recipe: "Chicken gumbo - Nookie's specialty. Vegetable soup - she put cabbage in it, and it was the best veggie soup I've ever eaten."

    How I would describe her special place: "a recliner in front of the TV, late at night"

    DateMay 1997
    PlaceQuitman, Clarke, Mississippi, USA
    Linked toE.A. Pitre; Olive Jane Sonnier

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