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    Adolph Sonnier and the Racehorse "Currency"

    Quoted from "Cajun-Bred Running Horses" by Francis S. LeBlanc (1978).

    One possibility [to ride the racehorse Currency] was Adolph Sonnier, a young jockey who at the time was doing some winning in the Breaux Bridge area. With the permission of his parents, Adolph agreed to do his best if Conque could get a rematch. Finally, after some haggling, it was agreed that a rematch would be run at Guilbeaux's Track in Sunset. From that moment until the day of the race no one in Sunset and Carencro could talk about anything without eventually discussing the upcoming spectacular. Currency's fans were there for the race, and there was even a small brass band which turned out to support him. The man who had lost his cows was given a chance to win them back. This time Currency did not disappoint his fans. Even as Adolph stood in the saddle the crowd went wild, and the band played on. This was a great day for Currency's fans, and they had all the right to be jubilant, because no one there realized that this winning of a simple one-quarter mile race by a horse having no previous record was the first test in proving a bloodline long to be remembered in the breeding of show-horses.

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