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    Charles Henry Wakeley

    Male 1875 - 1958  (82 years)


    Paternal DNA: Haplogroup R1a1

    Haplogroup R1a, the Metal Workers, originated 35,000 to 40,000 years ago, during what anthropologists refer to as the Upper Paleolithic or Late Stone Age. This time period is characterized by a surge of sophisticated human behavior. Abstract thought, creativity, and language are believed to have arisen at this time. Advanced modernity is evidenced by cultural hallmarks: the use of metal tools and processing of pigments, bartering and fishing, and the emergence of jewelry, games, music, and art. The introduction of elaborate burial sites is also associated with this time period. (

    Wikipedia Entry

    Robert Barton [Wakeley] Baldwin:
    DYS19a 16
    DYS385a 11
    DYS385b 15
    DYS388 12
    DYS389I 13
    DYS389II 32
    DYS390 24
    DYS391 10
    DYS392 11
    DYS393 13
    DYS426 12
    DYS439 11

    Linked toR.B. Baldwin; Henry Wakelee; James Wakelee; James Wakelee; James Wakelee; James Wakelee; Joseph Wakelee; Joseph Shelton Wakelee; Charles Henry Wakeley; Charles Henry Wakeley; Charles Henry Wakeley; Charles Henry Wakeley, Jr.; Charles Henry Wakeley; C.H. Wakeley; Charles Henry Wakeley, Jr.; Charles Jeffries Wakeley; Charles Madison Wakeley; C.M. Wakeley; Clarence Earl Wakeley; Clarence Madison Wakeley; Clarence William Wakeley; D.M. Wakeley; D.W. Wakeley; D.P. Wakeley; E.H. Wakeley; E.H. Wakeley; Edward Perry Loud Wakeley; Ephraim Wakeley; Eugene Asia Wakeley; Harold Elmer Wakeley; Henry Edward Wakeley; H.J. Wakeley; Howard Albert Wakeley; James Thomas Wakeley; J.T. Wakeley; John Henry Wakeley; J.J. Wakeley; Joseph Wakeley; Joseph Wakeley; J. Wakeley; J. Wakeley; Joseph Wakeley; M.R. Wakeley; Raymond Foote Wakeley; Robert Wakeley; Robert Abraham Wakeley; Robert Barton Wakeley; Robert Barton Wakeley, Jr.; Robert Charles Wakeley; R.C. Wakeley ['More Links']